Thursday, 7 April 2016

Nursery Update (a work in progress)

Now that Jonas is almost eight months old, I figure it's time to get serious about finishing up his nursery. #thirdchildproblems

I mentioned when I talked about Vaughn's old nursery that I moved the big kids into the small room (into bunkbeds) and the nursery into the "big" room. Here was my logic...When we have guests, we move the baby into our room for the duration of the visit and set up an air mattress in the nursery. The kicker being that we would have to dismantle the crib for the air mattress to fit. It was a bit of a pain, and we were worried about taking apart/rebuilding the crib that many times. So, this way, there is just enough space to set up the air mattress without taking apart the crib. #onlythebestforourguests

Truth be told, we are kind of hoping that we will be able to set up a little guest room (i.e. have a pull out couch) in the basement, so this might eventually become a moot point.

When we moved into this house, Lilah's room was the first to be painted. We used the same colour that we used in the old house, but her room at the old house had two large corner windows that let in a ton of light and here she has a tiny north facing window. The colour looks totally different-not in a good way. It seemed really saturated and green, not at all the breezy turquoise it was at the old house.

You would think that I would have learned from my mistake and ensured that I tested the next colour with samples (or at least held the paint chip up in the room)but nah. I live on the edge. I like the colour ok. Crushed Ice by Sherwin Williams, but I do find it reads a touch purple so we will see. It might last until we room swap again, but you never know.


five jones road

five jones road

five jones road

five jones road

All of our favourites from the old nursery have made it in here, but there is still a lot to do. Like,...

1.Get a rug (I would really like a vintage (or vintage-look) Persian. I saw this one at HomeSense and have regretted not buying it so badly.

2.Paint a large painting for over the crib. 

3. Get a rocking chair. This one.

4. I haven't decided yet whether we should paint the dresser (it's a Malm) or buy the Tarva and paint it. With new hardware.

5. I want to replace the white shelf with some kind of wall shelves.

6. Add/replace lighting.

7. Replace blinds and jazz up the curtains.

So, yeah, it might be done by the time he graduates High School, but you got to start somewhere, and it's giving me something to focus on as the boring stuff get completed in the basement.

Later Gators,

Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Dreaming of Spring (outfits)

Despite earlier proclamations, it seems as though Spring has NOT yet sprung (like, -16 isn't Spring, right?), but the sun is shining and from the comfort of my home I can totally pretend that it's a beautiful Spring day. The treks outside with the boys, however, still require full winter gear. Le sigh.

If Mother Nature was cooperating I might be caught gallivanting around town in one of these fab outfits, which coincidentally all feature my new flats from AEO. #clearlydyingtowearthem

So this post could also be titled 3 ways to wear t-strap flats for Spring.

Floral skirt + long cardigan

Cardigan: Simons(similar)/Tank: Old Navy /Necklace: Le Chateau(old)
/Skirt: Joe Fresh(old)(similar) 

Flutter sleeve top + striped skirt
Flutter sleeve top: Joe Fresh(old)/Striped skirt: Joe Fresh(old)

Chambray top + white denim

 Chambray shirt: Old Navy/ Hat: Joe Fresh (old)/ Jeans: Joe Fresh (old)
Is there anything you're dying to wear once the weather gets it together?
Later Gators,

As usual, linking up on these fab sites for a boat load of great outfit inspirations. 

pleated poppy

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