Monday, 25 January 2016

Glory Days

Vaughn's nursery was the closest I ever came to having a finished room in this house, and I use that term loosely. It really is a problem. I, of course, could not leave well enough alone and this room is no longer around, although it would have made a very nice nursery for Jonas *sigh. The big kids shared a room while my Dad was visiting and they LOVED it. So I turned this room into their play room. Most of the stuff in here has since migrated to our room(weird, I know.) This room is now the big kids shared room and the baby is in the big room. There is logic in this. It's easier to move out the baby into our room, and put an air mattress in the big room when we have out of town guests, than it is to relocate two big kids. Eventually I'm sure there will be more shifting of rooms as I can never leave well enough alone. I digress, here is the room in all it's glory/non-glory.

I had no plan for this room at all, but I love how it came together.

The dresser was Ryan's when he was a young whippersnapper. His mom painstakingly refinished it for him, so it has a lot of sentimental value. I will NEVER, EVER be allowed to paint it, in case anybody is wondering. The painting above it is one I did when I was 8. I think I copied a Christmas card or some thing. The frame is IKEA. The curtains are from Winners.  The cacti are leftover from Lilah's Third fiesta.

This Expedite used to live in the living room, but we bought some Billy's to replace it. Everybody and there dog uses it as a change table, so of course we did too. The baskets are filled with baby essentials and toys. The rocking chair we bought at a yard sale for Lilah's nursery. I was planning to paint it, but never got around to it. I think the "rustic" finish worked ok in here. The footstool is from Value Village. The Gallery wall is made up of an IKEA poster, leftover birthday party decor, a painting by Ry that I think was supposed to be a gift for someone but I loved it too much so I kept it #sorrynotsorry, another LeBlanc original, and items from our own nurseries.

I painted this small wall with chalkboard paint. I really just liked the contrast. It rarely gets chalked on. And on the beautiful command hooks leftover from the last tenant, we have Vaughn's first pair of lederhosen sent to us from Ryan's cousin in Germany. 

Fun fact: Ryan had a pair when he was a boy and wore them almost everyday. You know, to ride his bike and stuff. #itdoesntgetcoolerthanthat.


These two prints were also Ryan's growing up. The mobile is from Walmart. Lilah never had a mobile, and that makes me feel like she missed out. Thankfully, she's never brought it up. I don't think she's harbouring any resentment, but mom guilt runs deep.

My old rocking horse. Yee-haw!

I think the reason why Ry and I loved this room so much is because it was filled with so many sentimental items. I'm not really one for sentimental stuff, but it really did make the room feel special and more us. I'm hoping I can create that feeling in the rest of our house, too.

Ryan's step-dad came by last week to help us set up a plan for the basement playroom, and we got started on it yesterday, so hopefully we will see some progress down there soon.

later gators.


Monday, 18 January 2016

Makin' It Work

11 years ago, Ryan and I rented our first home together. It was a little, white, two bedroom bungalow and we loved it. It had a wood burning fireplace, hardwood floors, a huge deck, and so much character. It also had mould, no city water (in the middle of the city!), the tiniest kitchen known to man, and it was always cold, like guests would leave their coats on cold, despite us paying an arm and a leg to heat it. #IwishIwasjoking. 

When I was pregnant with Lilah, after living there for six years, I decided it was no longer acceptable living conditions(hormones?). We applied to live in the co-op, and after a lengthy application process, got accepted to move in when Lilah was four months old. The benefits were: one more bedroom, a non-leaky, non-mouldy basement for storage and laundry, a powder room, an eat-in kitchen, clean water(!)and it was LESS rent. The goal was to put all of that "extra" money into savings for a down payment on a house.

Fast-forward five years and we are still here with two more kids and no plans to buy a house. We LOVE this neighbourhood, but we would need a heck of a lot more money than we currently have at our disposal in order to afford something decent in this area. We had a frank conversation about when/if we even want to buy a house and decided that it was not going to happen in the near future. With that in mind, we decided that we would spend a bit of money, and time, on things that would make this house work better for us, even though we know we will not be able to take the investment with us when we leave. #renterslife. 

The first thing on my radar is to turn our very unfinished basement into a useable play room/craft space for the kids. This will give us some room to grow and get all the big toys, and craft time mess, off the main level. Obviously, we are not going to put a ton of money into this because, like I said, it's not an investment that will give us a return, but I do want it to be finished enough that we will actually go down there to play. I'm thinking something like this from Lay Baby Lay.

Or this, from Justine Sterling Design


If our basement comes out looking 50% as good as either of these spaces I will be a happy cat. 

Because, it's not good.

I've been purging and sorting, and purging and sorting. It seems to never end down there, but once that is done, we are going to:

1. Frame out the walls. 
2. Install some electrical outlets and ceiling fixtures. (There is only one outlet beside the electrical box, and three pull chain lights)
3. Put up drywall. 
4. Paint the ceiling.
5. Paint the floor, or install laminate. (We haven't decided yet)
6. Paint all the things. (I'm going to try and re-use as many furniture pieces as possible so it's all going to get a coat of paint in an attempt to look cohesive)
7. DIY-decorate our little hearts out, to keep it on the cheap, and of course, bring down the toys for the hooligans. 

I mean, it's a pretty short list...Easy peasy, bacon squeezey! 

Get on it Ry ;)

Wednesday, 13 January 2016

What I Wore Wednesday

If you tuned in yesterday than you are on the DL that I just (5 months is just, right?) had a baby, and my clothing situation is rather bleak at the moment. Lots and lots of leggings being worn up in here.



The fact that I left the house in this outfit clearly indicates the severity of the situation. It's a minor step up from wearing tweety-bird pyjama pants, but I was only going to Walmart. (I know, I know...that makes it worse #shame) I'm going to blame Target for leaving Canada...I have no incentive to dress up anymore.

Doc's appointment.


Shoes off at the door, and the poncho doubles as a nursing cover. #winning.

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Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Hello....It's me.

OK. So blogger attempt numero uno was a huge fail. I went back to work (two years ago!!) and fell completely off the grid. I really have no excuse. Ryan got pretty tired of me saying " We should do that, you know, for the blog" when in reality there was no blog. But, tis a new year and with it comes my renewed resolve to share my life with the world (wide web). I'm not really sure why I want to blog so badly, but I do. So I'm gonna. 

What have I been up to these last two years? Well lemme tell much. I switched companies, considered a major career change (so happy that one didn't actually happen!), got my license to drive (whaaaa-t!), and had another baby. #nbd.

We threw a few parties, swapped up a few rooms, and are trying to get a handle on life as a family of five.

Here's to take two. I hope you'll join me for the ride.

Later gators.