Tuesday, 18 February 2014

but, of course


Wad up, Peeps. Recently, I said I would tackle a small but manageable project/day to get me semi-organized before I head back to the rat race. (in T minus 2 weeks, in case anyone else is keeping track). Well, surprise, surprise, it's actually kinda working. 
On Friday, I thought I'd attempt an extreme-Walmart-flyer-price-match style grocery run, but at the last minute Vaughn decided it was time for bed. So, I sent Ryan and Lilah on the mission without me. Four hours later (???, I'm still not sure what happened, either), they came home with double the amount of groceries we normally buy for roughly the same (maybe even less) than we usually spend! Woot! Ryan said he was "NEVER" going to do this again, but I'm confident that he somehow overcomplicated it. So, I'm going to try it again this week. 

Anyhoot, while they were gone. I put on Gossip Girl and cleaned out the fridge and freezer (to make room for all the groceries I was about to cram in there!) One thing I did that made a huge difference was to empty everything into freezer bags, and then stack them.

I condensed a bunch of bags that I had opened, and took things out of boxes (like frozen fish, chicken nuggets,etc) and I just wrote the cooking instructions on the label. 

I also emptied out all my bags of frozen veggies (again, I had multiple open bags…Why, I ask you, why?)

I cannot believe I never thought of this before! It's bananas how much space it saves and now I don't have open bags of stuff all over the place. Everything is sealed and organized! 

I feel like this could be one of those things that everyone but me already does, but I don't even care, I'm sharing just in case. It's life changing.

Have you ever organized something and thought "But of course!" and realized you've been missing out on mad organizational potential this whole time!

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

What I Wore Wednesday

OK... so I'm going to admit it. My outfits lately have been pretty sad. I'm itching to go shopping and get some new clothes, but I'm determined to wait until I start back at work (two weeks, folks!) to maximize my wardrobe purchasing power. I have been obsessing over checking out Pinterest to get outfit ideas, and I'm already building my wardrobe on-line (I'm a loser, I know). The good news: My WIWW's should start picking up soon :)

*please note: the monkey jumping on the bed. 

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Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Got, got, got, got no time.


In case you haven't heard, I'm heading back to work in a few short weeks. Oh, God. I can't breath. Where has the time gone? Seriously! I had grand plans to finally organize and decorate every inch of this house, you know, in my spare time. Bahahahahahahahahhahahahahahhaahahahhaha. Sorry. Um, yeah so that didn't happen. 

Now it's crunch time to get a few things done before I head back to the daily grind. Things that will help make life run smoother, keep me sane, and let me spend my one-weekend-day-off with my family instead of worrying about cleaning or organizing. Ok, did I mention I can't breath. 

I didn't want to take on anything major. Nothing that couldn't be handled during naptime, or post-bedtime whilst watching gossip girl on netflix. I'm trying to spend our days playing princess, having tea parties (poor Vaughn), reading books, colouring "with markers!", and putting on puppet shows. The stuff I'm going to miss like crazy.

I cleaned out our desk drawers and the drawer in the coffee table. Took like 5 minutes and was so worth it! I was totally inspired to take on small projects everyday and hopefully I'll get a significant amount of stuff organized and less chaotic (though probably not as pretty as I had hoped) before my time as a SAHM (for now) is over. 

Let's start in the kitchen because:

1. An organized kitchen makes mealtime (and making lunches) way less horrific, and makes it easier to see what we are running out of, making grocery shopping easier and more productive. 

*note: I've never brought my lunch to work, but with two kiddos in daycare, I'm going to have to if I still want to be able to afford my work wardrobe (which is essential people, I work in retail!) and I'm hoping to become an expert meal planner/grocery shopper. So... Wait for it!

B. On more than one occasion Vaughn almost lost a toe via a falling can of chickpeas. It's time to make the pantry less hazardous for the curious little man.

Without further ado, here are the hideous before and slightly-less hideous afters.

This is just embarrasing. Essentially a junk-cupboard. There was tupperware, baking items, batteries, medicine...So much randomness I can`t even comprehend. 

So. Much. Better.

Next up, the pantry. The upper cabinet used to have most of the baking items, but now it's the snack stash. One shelf for Salty and one for sweet. i.e. one for Ryan and one for Teri.


Half the stuff in this pantry got moved to the other cupboards, and I took out the empty red bins and cat items. I moved the tupperware in here so if when Vaughn get's in here he can have the time of his life without fear of broken toes. I also added a wire basket for potatoes and onions. 

Usually, when I move things around, Ryan pooh-pooh's it until he gets used to the change, but he was actually pretty happy this time. I guess he was getting fed up with the junk cupboard, too. 

From the photos it looks like I drastically emptied the cupboards, but I only threw out expired food (not even that much), removed the medicine, cat items,and those empty bins. It's just better organized. Perfect for seeing what we have, and being able to access everything I need without getting frustrated.

I know this is not the prettiest pantry overhaul. There is no paint, wallpaper or shelf liner (boo!) but like I said time is of the essence. 

Now. What's next on that list?

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