Wednesday, 29 January 2014

What I wore Wednesday

Hey-hey, Folks, sorry I've been MIA the last couple of days but this weekend our dance card was pretty full. Read on for the riveting details.

We had friends over both Friday and Saturday night.(Intense, right?) I, of course, stayed up way too late both nights, so props to the hubby for letting me sleep in. (love you.) 

Saturday, Lilah had dance class in the morning, then we dropped her off at the museum for a play date with her cousins. We thought we would use the opportunity to go out for a nice, quiet breakfast just the three of us, but I guess Vaughn didn't get the memo, so after wolfing down our breakfast, we headed over to Quebec to pick up some cheap brewskies before meeting back up with the girls for lunch at Mickey D's. (I told you this was going to be riveting.)

In the evening, I headed out for my first driving lesson(yup, during the snow squall!)with my driving instructor Keith. (don't worry, I put my lager on ice for a post-lesson libation.) I was pretty sure I wasn't going to make it home alive, but it turned out to be incident free. Woop! Woop!

We capped off the weekend with a lively family gathering for my Mother-in-law's birthday on Sunday afternoon. There was cake.

Anyhoot, Here's some stuff I wore. 

Shirt: Old Navy
Jeans: JACOB

Top: Old Navy
Sweater: Old Navy
Scarf: Le Chateau
Jeans: JACOB

Poncho: Old Navy
Bracelet: Clothing swap
Jeans: Old Navy

Tank: Old Navy
Sweater: Joe Fresh
Scarf: Le Chateau
Leggings: Le Chateau

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Friday, 24 January 2014

five everyday essentials

I am not a morning person. Like, not even a little. I have come a long way since having two kids, but I'm not going to lie, I still don't get up before 8am unless we have somewhere important to go.(I know. Please don't hate me!) 
Here are five everyday essentials that help make my morning, and therefore the rest of my day, a little more bearable.

1. After having Lilah I looked like I hadn't slept in years. It was awful. Nothing, not even a full nights sleep, could combat the bags I had going on...It was horrifying. Eventually they went away, but when I got pregnant with Vaughn I had my eye out (har,har) for an eye cream that would get me through those first few sleepless months. I tried this, and cannot say enough good things about it! Weeks after having Vaughn my mother-in-law even said I looked like a teenager! If that doesn't make you drop everything and head out to get this, nothing will! I still use it faithfully everyday 10 months later.
2. Vaseline and I go way back. It's been a mainstay in my beauty arsenal since high school. I use it mainly to keep the old kisser looking soft and feeling smooth but in a pinch it's also a great moisturizer, cuticle cream, or frizz tamer. 
3. Coffee. Coffee. Coffee. If I could, I would have an iv drip started before I woke up so that I already had my first cup in me before the dreaded alarm /crying child /annoyed husband woke me up. Since that's not an option, I'll settle for drinking my brew out of a super cool mug, like this deer head one, instead. I'm super in love with kick ass kicking horse's pricey-ish but so worth it.
4. I bought this eyeshadow palette from Hard Candy because I heard that it was a good substitute for Urban Decay's NAKED which, unfortunately, I just can't afford. I love it. I like that I can get so many different looks from one product. I usually swipe on one of the lighter nudes for everyday, but can also do a nicer eye if I'm feeling particularly chipper or even a smokey eye for a fancy night out!
5. Last, but certainly not least, BB Cream. I've tried a couple different brands and this is my favorite so far. It has less pigment than some that I've tried, which is good for me since I'm the palest person in Canada (it does, however, come in three different shades) I just use it in lieu of moisturizer in the AM and it makes me feel a little more put together all day even if I do just stay in my PJ's. (which I'm trying not to do anymore!)

Do you have any essentials that you just can't start your morning without? 

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

What I wore Wednesday

Is it just me, or is being a SAHM a whole new level of brutal during January? It's WAY too cold to play outside and our local playgroup got cancelled this fall leaving us, literally, with no place to go. Ever. And as such, really, no reason to get dressed. Ever.

I have, however, had the pleasure of the occasional "drop in" visit when I hadn't showered, the kids and I are all still in our pyjamas, and I hadn't done any cleaning whatsoever…in days. If this has ever happened to you then you know how important it is to put in at least minimal effort to getting dressed everyday. I also find I'm way more productive once I'm dressed, so it's a win-win. Come on, drop-in on me, I dare you ;)

Also, I'm heading back to work soon and I need a refresher on how to put myself together in the .2 seconds I'll have in the morning. So, I'm going to start linking up my outfits with the pleated poppy for What I Wore Wednesday. If you've never heard of it you need to head on over right now for a ridiculous amount of inspiration to the age old question "what should I wear?"

Dress: Old Navy
Tights: Joe Fresh
Boots: Le Chateau (similar)

Shirt: Old Navy
Sweater: Old Navy
necklace: Joe Fresh
Jeans: Le Chateau (similar)
Boots: Le Chateau (similar)

Shirt: Le Chateau
Jeans: Le Chateau (similar)
Shoes: Payless

Shirt: Old Navy
Sweater: Gap Outlet
Jeans: Le Chateau (similar)
Boots: Le Chateau (similar)

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Sunday, 19 January 2014

Beavertails and skating fails

This weekend, we headed out for our first skate of the season, and Lilah's first skate ever. There's nothing like getting out there with the snow whipping you in the eye, and the realization that you dressed too warm and you're sweating like a hog, and the smallest children you've ever seen are skating circles around you as you struggle just to keep your balance. 

Nothing a  Beavertail (Killaloe sunrise, of course) and a cup of hot chocolate wouldn't cure. 

Happy winter, folks!

Saturday, 18 January 2014

Changing of the bums

When Lilah turned two she got her first real doll. She named her Dolly.

She also became obsessed with changing bums. So, for Christmas, I wanted to make her a changing kit with mat, diapers and wipes. That way, she could stop wasting the real wipes and Dolly would have some sweet diapers of her own. Up until that point she was being put into newborn cloth diaper covers, but they were huge on her, and I was expecting Vaughn in March so I was gonna need those diapers sooner than later. 

I perused Pinterest for tutorials and there are plenty, but this one was my favourite. Her instructions were so easy to follow for a newbie sewist like me and I was able to eek this out the week before Christmas with only minor swearing. 

Obviously, I'm still lacking in the skill department (ahem, the stitching on the velcro…), but I was still really happy with how these turned out. The only thing I wish I had done differently was to put velcro across the front of the diaper so the tabs would be more adjustable in case Lilah wanted to change someone else's bum like zebra or bun-bun.

I made 3 diapers, 2 wipes and 1 changing pad. the wipes are just white felt cut into a rectangle, and I sewed a large rectangle for the change pad and just added velcro to keep it closed.

She also has a tutorial for a dress and bib. I never got around to making the bib, and my dress ended up more like a shirt, but I digress.

I was so excited for Lilah to open this on Christmas morning. She immediately grabbed Dolly and gave her a quick bum change. I couldn't have been happier. Over a year later she still plays with these on an almost daily basis. Such a cute, easy sew. 

Upcycled Treasures

Thursday, 16 January 2014

Uno, Dos, Tres

Lilah turned 3 in November and to celebrate her BFF's bought her tickets to go see Dora LIVE!(the Mom's tagged along, obvs). It was awesome. Lilah loved it. I probably could have gotten away with leaving it at that, but that would be too stress-free. Not my style ;)

Instead, I decided to invite 24 of our closest friends and family over, along with their 9 children and 5 babies to our modest tiny townhouse for a quick "little" fiesta in the afternoon pre-Dora. It was a mad house.

I wanted to take more pictures to post, but in all the hoopla I plumb forgot(bad wanna-be blogger!).

So, here's a little glimpse at Lilah's third birthday fiesta. 

The Invitation:
I made the invitation using PicMonkey and e-mailed it to our friends and family. I often do this vs. snail mail because a) I normally leave things so last minute that I don't have time and 2)It's free and I'm cheap. 

The Food:
We had a make-your-own-taco bar with all the fixings, nachos and cheese sauce, and sweet pepper slices.

The Dessert:
Frost your own cupcakes (I ran out of time and didn't frost the cupcakes. FAIL you would think, but I let the kids do it themselves and it was seriously the hit of the party…and a huge mess, don't say I didn't warn you.) and birthday cake with ice cream. I also had a jar full of Halloween candy that I was trying to pawn off on our lovely guests. 

The Drinks:
Margarita's (BIG hit!), Corona, and Pop for the adults, and apple juice boxes for the kiddos. 

The Decor:
I used a floral sheet as a table cloth (a go-to for me) and lined the table with craft paper as a table runner. The centre pieces were cacti and succulents that I picked up at Ikea.

I did the same for the food table (using a plain white table cloth) and wrapped the top of the drinks table in craft wrapping paper featuring big yellow dots. The buffet got wrapped in yellow and white polka dot wrapping paper. I love doing this, it makes clean up a breeze. 

I made tissue paper garland using this tutorial and hung it on the food table. I also used it to decorate the kids table(I blatently copied this idea).

I had these chalkboard hearts from an engagement party I decorated a few years ago. I just strung them with jute and taped them to the wall with scotch tape. It says "Lilah is 3".

I also made garland by cutting up pieces of coloured card stock into strips and sewing them together. I strung it from the ceiling in the living room. I didn't get a photo of this in action but here is a pic of it being sewn. I thought it was piñata-ish.  

The Favours:

We had a couple different age groups attend the party so I made various favours. The babies got wood ring teethers, the pre-schoolers got travel felt boards (under the sea, outer space, mr. potato head or princess), one older boy got "wings" for his kicks (these are Lilah's disgusting sneaks in the pic. Please don't judge.) and an older girl got a fabric necklace. Check out my Pinterest board for more inspiration for this party!

I made them all little tags with their names stamped on it which I attached to the favour with twine. 

I put the necklace, shoe wings, teethers, and felt pieces in cellophane bags that I folded over and kept closed with a piece of Washi tape. I put all the favours in a basket in the front hall with a banner that said "thank you for coming" which I stamped onto more brown paper. 

The Fails:
I really wanted to attach fringe to the string of helium filled balloons like this. It was a complete fail. a) I sent the hubs to pick up the balloons the night before the party and the store employee kept busting the balloons and replacing them with pearlescent versions of similar colours (NOT OK!) and then the fringe was too heavy and would pull the balloon down…Not at all what I was picturing and a huge waste of time and money (Helium ain't cheap, yo)

I had made some ruffle streamers that ended up in the garbage.

I made one Spanish tissue flower. It sucked.  

Oh, well. You win some, you lose some. 

All in all, I think it was a good day. Although I'm not going to lie, it was a little overwhelming at times. 

Every time I throw a party I say "I'm never doing that again" about some aspect, but each time I feel like I'm better prepared then the last. Hopefully, someday I'll get it down pat. 

Vaughn's birthday is coming up in March so I'm in full on planning mode for that (I'll be back at work so it's got to be planned out before the end of February and any crafting should be well underway by then, too). So stay tuned. 

Do you have any tried and true tips for party planning you'd like to share? 

Saturday, 4 January 2014

five New Year's resolutions for 2014

I'm not normally very big on New Year's resolutions. If prompted, I've been known to spew out something random and cliché like "lose weight" or "eat better" or "drink less" but I've never really felt like January was a new beginning, or a fresh start. I was more of a back-to-school resolution kinda gal (even though I haven't been back-to-school in over 10 years, yikes!).

For some reason, this year feels different. I must really be growing up.  I've come up with five resolutions that I'm hoping to stick to this year, and I only have a mild sense that I need a trip to Staples for new school office supplies to get the ball rolling. 

So, here they are folks, in no particular order:

1.  BE positive.
...with myself, my husband and my kids. I need to remember that I have a kick ass family and there is no room in our lives for a negative Nelly. 
2. STOP caring about what other people think. 
This is a big one, and something a lot of us struggle with. This year, I'm going to do my own thing. Haters gonna hate, you know? Most people couldn't care less about what I'm up to anyway. I need to remember this!
3. FOCUS on the things that I'm passionate about. 
I'm hoping this blog will help keep me accountable and provide me with a creative outlet where I can share my passions with like minded peeps. Because no matter how hard I try, I just can't seem to keep my husband's focus when I start to go on (…and on) about the latest buzz on Pinterest.
4. TAKE more chances with our home decor.
I need to stop being so afraid of making a mistake that I end up doing nothing at all. I need to trust my gut and remember, nothing is permanent, it can always be fixed. Paint is just paint, and things are just things. It`s supposed to be fun!
5. QUIT being such a scaredy cat and get my driver's licence. 
Yes, that's right. I'm a mother of two with no licence. It's been super inconvenient lately. This is a must!

Bring it on 2014, I'm ready for ya!

Have you made any resolutions this year?

Thursday, 2 January 2014

Are you there world? It's me, Teri.

Hello, world. (Oh...and hi, Mom)

Welcome to five jones road. 

I have been wanting to start a blog for a long time now, but have been telling myself I'll start next week… Which turned into next month… And then next year. You know the drill. 

Well, next year is here and as one of my New Year's resolutions I am going to hit the publish button. I was hoping to have more of a plan before getting this show on the road, but I figure, like most things in life, it's best just to dive in, hope for the best, and learn along the way. 

And honestly, more likely than not, no one will be reading this blog but  my mom and I anyway ;)

So please, bear with me as I find my voice, learn how to use my computer (kidding…kinda), work my new camera and figure out where I want this blog to go. I'm sure it's going to be a hoot!

If anyone has any tips or advice I'd love to hear it!

Nice meeting you, and I hope you check back to see what we're up to soon.

Later gaters.